A bit about me

My name is Charlie and I am a London based freelance Photographic artist working with photography and design. I love the thrill and challenge of creating something new and original within the concept of art and beauty.
I try and capture timeless moments, using my vision and personal style to create images that inspire me. I enjoy merging traditional photography with digital illustration and montage creating images that combine art and photography.

Painting with photography, where technology is my tool, the canvas is my vision, which speaks to me and everything is possible.

Experimentation is the key to exploring the creative aspects of oneself, activating the subconscious, living in the now, and the environment that’s surrounds us. The only limitation is not being open-minded and playful and not allowing oneself to see what can be created from the beginning to the end.

I have created my own unique style of Fine Art Photography and this has enabled me to produce great inspirational images with lasting memories and their own emotional story, for all to see. I take a lot of my inspiration from travelling and nature, new places, new people and interacting with life and what surrounds me.
this is the energy that I try to show through my work.

I have a BA(Hons) in Photography and experience in Graphic Design/Web Design. I have been selling my limited editions prints at various art fairs and privately in and around London and around the world.