Charlie Hanley Photography & Design

Past & Present Floral Collection


Flowers express beauty and are one of Mother Nature’s beautiful creations. They also replicate the stages of human life, we seed and grow, we bloom then wither, but each stage tells its own story They can represent a person’s thoughts and emotions, as each flower is a blossoming soul and by viewing images of them, should make us think about ourselves, and the world around us. This series of floral still life is a reflection of time, the passing of time: elements of a changing climate and life. Flowers are one of the most important contributors to life in this world of our biodiversity. There is a connection between the natural world and us so when we are hurting nature is also hurting. The viewer is asked not only to focus on the flowers as they are but to also see what is not there and within us by looking beyond the image. Dreams and photography have something in common they both yield to contemplation.