Charlie Hanley Photography & Design


India is a unique and fascinating place with an accumulation of different cultures over the centuries living together in this vast land. Over a billion people live and work in India and traveling  around India you get a real sense of religion and people trying the best they can to survive. There is a warm and friendly feeling where ever you go in India and many Indians are always happy to meet and greet you. You can become overwhelm with the intense smells of everyday life, be it people cooking in their homes, on the street and in shops. Street food can be the daily diet for many and it can really challenge your taste buds.

The smell of incense is everywhere as people pay homage to the gods. People are everywhere on buses, bicycles, rickshaws, taxis, cars, donkeys and trains. Horns sound 24/7 and at first the noise is overwhelming but you soon become accustomed to it and you find yourself blending in with the pace of Indian life. India is full of bright colours, which you can see in their architecture and their food. Religion is very important to them and whenever I entered their homes or shops I always saw a small shrine with incense and candles burning with the hope of getting blessings and a hopeful future.

India is a place of many facets, among the poverty and fast pace of city life, you can see small businesses side by side producing everything form food to clothes, flowers, crafts anything that can be sold in India or aboard. Their entrepreneurial spirit is everywhere and their determination to succeed is inspirational. Varanasi, a city where life and death is celebrated, live cremations along the Ganges River is a daily routine. a city where millions of Indians come for pilgrimage and seeing people praying, washing, using the water for cooking and children playing among
the polluted water shows a real devotion to their religion and a real belief that their life’s karma will change by using the river.

India is a beautiful country full of colour, diversity, and a deep love of religion. A land of beauty, a nation of people who try to express peace through there spiritually. To really experience the beauty of India one has to be there and feel the energy.These photos represent my exploration and personal journey across parts of India, a journey where I learnt a lot about the country, the people and myself.