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About Me


Some of my images are available to purchase as wooden framed pictures or as prints. For further details on how to purchase framed pictures and prints or any commission work (Travel, Portraiture, Advertising) please contact me at charlie@cshphotography.co.uk.

Interior Design Art Products

CSH Photography have produce a range of unique and stylish interior design art products using photography images. These products represent the pursuit of functional beauty, without boundaries, but challenges conventional style. They are unique, stylish and very different.

Designed for the home these products are perfect for decorating your home or office and also make great gifts. They add style, beauty and character to any space. They are handmade and handcrafted in the UK, designed and made in Britain . Offering you state of the art style and functionality. Some examples can be seen on my blog page.

Available soon online at innerdesign7.co.uk


Charlie Hanley

My name is Charlie and I am a London based freelance photographer and designer working with photography and design. Both are my passion and I am always trying to find new ideas and new ways to do things. I love the thrill and challenge in creating something new and original within the concept of art and beauty.

My style of photography is about capturing timeless moments, using my vision and personal style to create images that inspire me. I love travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people and capturing great moments. I enjoy merging traditional photography with digital illustration and montage creating images that combine art and photography.

I have created my own unique style of Fine Art Photography and my love of travelling and photography has enabled me to produce great inspirational images with lasting memories and their own emotional story.

I am currently studying a BA in Photographic Arts at The University of Westminster.


20th – 22nd April 2018

Phoenix Framing and Art Gallery

23rd – 25th February 2018